Ty's Hobbies Website

Welcome to my hobbies website! I have had a lot of fun with computer, electronic and mechanical hobbies over the years and wanted to share some of my major projects with friends and colleagues. For those of you who don't know me, I am a major Unix-head. I have had many years of experience with Solaris and Linux, both as a developer and as a system administrator. I am currently employed as a software architect for a Bellevue, WA based consultancy with a focus on the aerospace and aviation industries. At any given time, I am either working with or playing with some kind of computer. My latest obsession has been with the iPhone, iPad and Apple computers. (I think the iPhone is one of the greatest inventions of all time!)

I also spend a lot of time with electronics and mechanical projects. I work on my BMW cars and motorcycle a lot. This is another major passion of mine.

Click the images below to go to my areas of interest. I will be adding to this site over the next several weeks, so the site will be under construction for awhile.